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Field Underwriting is the difference between approvals and declines!


Great Field Underwriting is the difference between a happy or mad client, getting paid or not paid, and possibly avoiding an E&O claim. You can harm your client’s insurability if your process is, “Let’s just apply and see what they say.” Let’s avoid a negative report to the MIB if at all possible. Investing about 15 more minutes up front will ensure you have better results.

How Can You Become a Better Field Underwriter?

It starts with these 20 questions... To learn how to use these questions, please email Joseph Graves and schedule a dedicated training time >>

The BASIC FACTS that you need for EVERY Quote:

First / Last Name

Date of Birth (never just age)

State of residency & citizenship 


20 TOP field underwriting questions


Who, What, Why Questions

  1. How did you find me?

    1. This gives insight into the type of person: Researcher (online) or Relational (referral).

  2. How long have you been looking?

  3. What were you thinking about when you started looking? Your family, a business, family legacy?

  4. When do you want this to start?

  5. Do you know the type and amount of coverage you need, or do we need to work together to find the right fit?

  6. What coverage do you have now? Do you plan on replacing it with a new plan or keeping both?

  7. Tell me about the other quotes have you received &/or other applications completed in the last year?

  8. Who else is involved? Spouse? Business Partner? Children? Lawyer? Financial Planner?

  9. Occupation, how long in the field, & annual income?

  10. Height / Weight & has it been consistent the last 12 months?  

  11. ANY nicotine product use in the last 5 years, including any form of Vaping with or without nicotine? The following questions are areas that can derail your application if you DON’T discover before applying. DO NOT “just apply & see what happens.” Adding a negative mark to their MIB is on the broker. Match the client to that carrier and then the best rate if several carriers fit.  

  12. Tell me about any foreign travel in the last 2 years and any you have set for the next 2 years.

  13. Ever file bankruptcy? (What type, when, discharge date?)

  14. What month / year was your last comprehensive annual exam & were any new issues discovered, old issues that advanced, or an Rx prescribed or changed? 

  15. ANY use in the last 10 years of CBD / THC / or marijuana-based products? Detail what type, form (smoked, gunnies, editable, resins, etc.) and frequency per week, month, or year?

  16. Health History (what the client thinks is minor could be he to a carrier – PRESS THEM) – Outside of a cold or flu, “Any moderate / major “Aches & Pains in the last 10 years (Illnesses, surgeries, medications*, MENTAL HEALTH, etc.)?”

  17. Any family history of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or other chronic disease?

  18. Any current / past habits or activities that could impact eligibility? **

  19. Have you EVER had an application altered, modified, or declined because of a U/W factor?

  20. If you aren’t approved for the expected health class, what would you like to do? ***


*Medications – It’s vital to get the SPECIFIC diagnosis for the Rx, the Mo./Yr. (at least the Yr.) prescribed, dose, frequency, & has the medication needed alteration or been changed to treat the diagnosis.

**Speeding, DUI/DWI, reckless driving, etc., Fun / dangerous hobbies, Criminal History, probation, etc. Counseling, rehabilitation, or medical treatments for ANY prescription or illegal drugs &/or alcohol?

*** EX: Your client applies for preferred rates yet get standard. Do you want to pay the extra premium or reduce the benefit to match the new premium?


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