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Term & Permanent Life Insurance

The best advisors understand that life insurance is one of the most important and most selfless purchases a person will ever make. There are many different reasons why protecting one’s family or business through the purchase of life insurance makes good sense, and one of the advisor’s most crucial roles is to help the client explore and uncover the life insurance product that best suits his or her unique needs and circumstances.

When you partner with The Ark Group, you are not alone in uncovering those needs. The Ark Group helps train and educate our advisor partners on every kind of life insurance plan, its role within a sound financial strategy, and its proper implementation through  innovative planning concepts.
Whether you’re working in the individual or group market, with business owners or families, with blue-collar workers or high net-worth professionals, The Ark Group partners with you to deliver the right life insurance product to fill the right need for the right person.

Life Insurance Offerings

  • Term

    • Simplified

    • Level

    • Annual Renewable

  • Whole Life

  • Universal Life

  • Guaranteed Universal Life

  • Indexed Universal Life

  • High-Risk or Impaired-Risk

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • Final Expense

  • Worksite

    • Term

    • Universal Life

  • Group Term and Universal Life

Life Insurance Support Tools

Advance Business Planning Concepts

  • Key Person

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Executive Benefits

  • Employee Benefits

  • Pension Planning

  • Deferred Compensation Arrangements

  • Split Dollar Agreements

  • Accounts Receivable Solutions

  • Business Continuation

  • Captive Risk Solutions (for high net worth clients)

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Advanced Estate Planning Concepts

  • Private Foundation Planning

  • Charitable Planning

  • Leveraging, Gifting, and Asset Transfers

  • Premium Finance Solutions

  • Legacy Planning

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Advanced Financial Planning Concepts

  • Supplemental Retirement Planning

  • Be Your Own Banker Program

  • High Net Worth/Jumbo Case Administration

  • Policy Review Audits

  • Supplemental College Savings

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  • XRAE

  • E-Fillable Applications

  • Term Comparisons

  • Insmark Software

  • Financial Calculators

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Concept Sales, Marketing, & Field Support

  • Concept and Product Training

  • Impaired-Risk Solutions

  • Effective and Innovative PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Systems

  • Agency Building System

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Training & Development Systems

  • The Prospecting Map©

  • Annual Reviews

  • Networking with Accountants, Attorneys, and Other Professionals

  • Hands on Access to Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Financial Education and Organization Classes

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