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Sales Support

Veterans of this business often say that the good life and health insurance advisor needs only two things to thrive: people to see under favorable circumstances and well-designed, fairly priced products that actually solve financial problems.
At The Ark Group, we agree that, in today’s world, those two keys are necessary. We also believe that sound sales principles are at the foundation of excellence and success in this business.

But to really build a sustainable business, even the best advisor needs top-notch sales support. And that’s exactly what we provide our advisor partners.
Our wide-ranging and in-depth sales support is built and provided by the experienced sales and marketing professionals at The Ark Group. Our team has a combined 70 years of successful experience in this business. We understand what it takes to achieve sales success year after year in today’s market, and we are here to help our advisor partners develop and execute the sales strategies that actually work.

Sales Support Areas

  • Innovative Sales Support in the Individual Market

  • Innovative Sales Support in the Association Market

  • Innovative Sales Support in the Group Market

  • Advanced Case Design and Implementation

  • Comprehensive Support Strategies that Help Motivate Your Clients to Action

  • Captain’s Club All-Inclusive Sales Support

    • Virtual Direct Client and Prospect Assistance

    • In Certain Cases, In-Person Direct Client and Prospect Assistance

  • Sales Technology

  • Benefit Administration, with Effective and Efficient Enrollment Support

  • Concept and Product Positioning

  • Target Market Consultation Services and Portfolio Development

    • Product Design

    • Product Launches

    • Prospect Development

    • Marketing Materials

  • Book-of-Business Consultation

  • Establishment of On-Going Prosperity Support

    • Family Bank

    • Free Tax Prep

    • Social Security Planning

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