Broker Contracting

As a top-notch advisor building your agency, you’re more interested in serving your clients, educating your prospects, marketing to your future clients, and  selling than you are in handling contracting paperwork.
At The Ark Group, we get that.
Let our experienced team assist with all of your contracting needs. We offer a wide range of products through a wide range of carriers, and we understand that time spent keeping track of all of those contracting details is less time for your sales efforts and all of the other things you do in operating and growing your business.
You can trust our experience and integrity in ensuring that your contracting needs will be handled expeditiously.

All Contracting Needs

  • Licensing Support

  • Top National Contracts

  • State Licensing and Contracting

  • One Time Contracting

  • WebCE to fulfill Continuing Education requirements


We have partnered with SureLC™, the quickest and easiest use multi-carrier contracting automation system available. With our platform, it takes brokers an average of less than 7 minutes to input their information. The broker is then ready to request carrier-contracting paperwork for any of the 460+ different carriers that supports.

  • NIPR integration

  • LIMRA integration

  • ClearCert integration

  • Automatic updating

  • Imaging

  • 100% paperless e-Signature support


We believe in supporting our brokers with quality education products. All Brokers who work with The Ark Group get a discounted price on their courses! We are committed to continually improving our customer experience through ongoing product innovation, superior service and support.