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Long-Term Care Insurance

Statistics show that the United States population is living longer and longer, and that’s a wonderful thing. But increasing longevity brings financial risks, and the best advisors understand that. That’s why the best advisors include long-term care insurance as part of a well thought out financial plan, and that’s why The Ark Group sees long-term care as a priority for both our business and yours.

To put it simply, as your clients live longer, the risk of outliving their assets increases. And one of the quickest and cruelest ways for that depletion of assets to occur is for a person to get sick and need extended care. Long-term care insurance eliminates that risk.
Long-term care insurance is there in the event your client gets sick and needs extended care. The need is usually clear, and quite often the client sees it after a little education about the risks and the options for managing them.

At The Ark Group, where training is exceptionally strong, we provide you with the tools to approach and educate your clients and prospects on this important coverage. We will help educate you on finding the right long-term care plan, understanding its role within a sound financial strategy, and implementing the plan for your client. Regardless of whether your client is a retiree, a corporate officer, or a business owner, The Ark Group has the expertise to help you help them.

Long-Term Care

  • Traditional

  • Hybrids

    • Life Insurance Hybrids

    • Annuity Hybrids

Long-Term Care
Support Tools

Advance Business Planning Concepts

  • Tax Advantageous Solutions

  • Executive Benefits

  • Employee Benefits

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Advanced Estate Planning Concepts

  • Retirement & Estate Planning Protection

  • Partnership Program Education

  • High Net Worth/Jumbo Case Administration

  • Policy Review Audits

  • Supplemental College Savings

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  • LTCI Product and Quote Comparison Software

  • Financial Calculators

  • Cost of Waiting Analysis

  • Inflation Analysis

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Concept Sales, Marketing, & Field Support

  • Concept and Product Training

  • Competitive Carrier and Cost Analysis

  • Cost of Care Surveys

  • Impaired Risk Solutions

  • Effective and Innovative PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Systems

  • Agency Building System


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Training & Development Systems

  • The Prospecting Map©

  • Annual Reviews

  • Networking with Accountants, Attorneys, and Other Professionals

  • Hands-on Access to Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Financial Education and Organization Classes

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