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As an independent advisor, you value your independence, and you value what you bring to the table in any business relationship. So naturally, you want your marketing partners to bring value to the table as well.
At The Ark Group, one of the most important things we bring to our relationships with our partner advisors is a wealth of marketing and management resources. We provide a deep box of tools that can assist you in selling more, in operating more efficiently and effectively, and in making more money.
The Ark Group is proud of our track record in providing effective resources, and we put our range of innovative offerings up against any other marketing organization you will find. Take a look at the depth of the resources we offer below.


  • Customer Relationship Management Software

  • E-Apps

  • Competitive Analyses

  • Online Quotes

  • New Business Software

  • Benefit Administration

  • Advanced Financial Technology

  • Smart Device Apps

  • More Below


  • Web-Based Training

  • In-Person Training

  • CI University (Education in the growing area of Critical Illness Insurance)

  • Health Insurance 101

  • Product Information


  • E & O Coverage

  • Custom Marketing Materials

  • Renewal Purchase Program


Easy, instant, accurate quoting for hundreds of insurance products through the industry's leading quote engine. Accurately set customer expectations in the field with instant health class estimation


We automate processing for every stage of the business - from pre-sales, new business and underwriting to policy administration, point-of-sale execution, post-sale support and data analytics. Be more effective and efficient with your business, and always submit your business in “Good Order” with our e-Application solution.

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