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Senior Insurance Solutions

Have you ever stopped to think about how vast the Senior Insurance market is? At The Ark Group, we certainly have.
Consider this: According to the AARP, there currently are 44 million beneficiaries—some 15% of the United States population— enrolled in the Medicare program. And that’s not all, enrollment is expected to rise to 79 million by 2030. Only one in 10 beneficiaries, AARP says, relies solely on the Medicare program for health care coverage.

Because there are gaps in the original Medicare plan, such as deductibles, co-insurance payments and other uncovered expenses, there is a strong chance of significant out of pocket expenses for any of your clients who are on Medicare. In addition, there have been many changes to the original Medicare plan over the years, which has led to fewer and fewer people really understanding how Medicare actually works,  including many advisors.
Even though Medicare Supplements have been modernized and standardized by the federal government, your clients need to be educated as to how the Medicare system works and what to expect.

Our in-depth training program will help you learn how to educate each client on Medicare and help them enroll in the product that best suits their unique needs and circumstances. The Ark Group’s highly experienced and accomplished team will educate you on Medicare Supplements and show you how to ensure that your client buys into the plan you’re recommending.
We would love to assist you as you assist your clients in the following areas:
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D                           

Concept Sales, Marketing, and Field Support

  • Concept and Product Training

  • Effective PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Presentation System

Agency Building System

  • Training and Development Systems

  • The Prospecting Map©

  • Annual Reviews

  • Networking with Accountants, Attorneys, and Other Professionals

  • Financial Education and Organization Classes

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