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Disability Insurance

Top advisors understand that not only is disability insurance a crucial component to a sound financial plan, but it is too often a component that the average advisor overlooks. At The Ark Group, we understand the importance of disability insurance,  and we work with you to ensure that your client's plan includes the protection of his or her most valuable asset – the ability to work and earn an income.

Most people couldn’t support their family or maintain their business if they were unable to work for an extended length of time because of an illness or injury. But with the appropriate disability plan in place, you and your clients can be confident that a significant portion of their income is protected should an illness or injury occur.
At The Ark Group, we understand the importance of disability insurance coverage, and we train our advisor partners to understand – and communicate – that value to their clients. The Ark Group will educate you about disability insurance, ensure that you understand its role within the well-developed financial plan, and assist you in actually placing disability insurance into your clients’ portfolios through our innovative planning concepts.
Regardless of whether your client is an employee, a corporate officer, or a business owner, The Ark Group brings the right expertise to help you address his or her disability insurance needs.

Disability Insurance Offerings

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Individual, Voluntary, and Employer-Paid

  • High-Risk and Substandard Risk

  • Standard, Simplified, and Guaranteed Issue

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