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Just as life insurance protects your clients against the risks of dying too soon, an annuity protects your client against the risks of living too long. Simply stated, an annuity helps ensure that your client will not run out of money.

Today’s annuity market, however, is anything but simple. If you read the consumer financial press –and believe everything you read − you would think annuities are some product of an evil financial mastermind. At The Ark Group, we understand that nothing could be further from the truth.

Having said that, we also understand that today’s markets offer an extremely wide range of options – some great and some far from it – and that much due diligence needs to be conducted to determine the right annuity from the right company for the right client.
Our experienced team at The Ark Group, with more than 70 years of combined annuity experience, are eager to help you navigate these complex waters and start building your annuity business. The Ark Group will help educate you on each kind of annuity, its role within retirement planning, and advise you on the most innovative ways to properly protect and diversify the fixed portion of your client's portfolio.
Whether your client is in the asset accumulation or asset preservation stages of life, The Ark Group can help you research and find the appropriate annuity for him or her.

Annuity Markets

  • Fixed

  • Fixed Indexed

  • Single-Premium Immediate

  • Income Riders Options

  • Annuity and Life Hybrids

  • Annuity and Long-Term Care Hybrids

  • Multi-Year Guaranteed

  • Impaired Risk Single-Premium Immediate

  • Flexible

Annuities Support Tools

Advance Business Planning Concepts

  • Executive Benefits

  • Employee Benefits

  • Pension Planning

  • Deferred Compensation Arrangements

  • Business Continuation

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Advanced Estate Planning Concepts

  • Private Foundation Planning

  • Charitable Planning

  • Leveraging Gifting and Asset Transfers

  • Premium Finance Solutions

  • Legacy Planning

  • Medicaid Planning


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Advanced Financial Planning Concepts

  • Supplemental Retirement Planning

  • High Net Worth/Jumbo Case Administration

  • Policy Review Audits

  • Supplemental College Savings

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  • Annuity Rate Finder

  • Financial Calculators

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Concept Sales, Marketing, & Field Support

  • Concept and Product Training

  • Effective and Innovative PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Systems

  • Agency Building System

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Training & Development Systems

  • The Prospecting Map©

  • Annual Reviews

  • Networking with Accountants, Attorneys, and Other Professionals

  • Hands on Access to Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Financial Education and Organization Classes

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