Critical Illness Insurance

One of today’s more dynamic markets is critical illness insurance. With this coverage, your client is financially protected if he or she is diagnosed with a covered condition, so that their financial plan stays strong as they work to recover.
In short, critical illness insurance protects your client's retirement portfolio or their savings plan should they be diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and survive. When you consider that the average life expectancy has nearly doubled over the past century, and that the fastest-growing portion of our population is between the ages of 80 and 100, it’s clear that survival of a critical illness is more likely now than ever before. But for your clients who are building toward retirement, a life-threatening condition could not only postpone that retirement, a diagnosis could eliminate it or, at minimum, significantly affect it.
With the right critical illness insurance plan in place, your clients can be confident that the tax-free, lump-sum benefit they receive at claim will help provide options and keep them on track for retirement.

And with the right marketing partner – a partner that is a true partner, offering high-level service, top-notch training, and ongoing market support – you will thrive in this  important and growing market.

Whether you’re experienced in critical illness insurance or not, The Ark Group can help. We will help educate you about critical illness insurance, its role in a sound financial plan, and ways to properly implement it by using innovative planning concepts. Regardless of whether your client is an employee, a corporate officer, or a business owner building toward retirement, we have the products and the expertise that will work.

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