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Third-Party Administration

If you work in the employee-benefit market, you know how important it is to have a partner who can effectively and efficiently handle the important details of employee benefit plan enrollment and ongoing administration. If you’re looking to grow in the  benefit area, you simply cannot do so without a skilled third-party administrator with which you can partner.

The Ark Group is the third-party administrator you can count on. Our TPA, called Bene’fy, not only provides all of the claims processing, utilization review, and network management functions of a traditional TPA, but we have years of experience as an insurance marketing organization. We handle onboarding and provide exceptional renewal support. For you, this means you have as a partner a skilled TPA with a marketer’s sensibility and a keen understanding of your own role as an advisor.
We know that you want to advise, sell, and build your business. We want you to do the same
thing, without concerning yourself with the more time-consuming, burdensome, and complex
aspects of employee benefit administration.

TPA Services

  • Employer, Employee, and Provider Online Portals

  • Complete New Business Development and Enrollment Support

  • Claims Processing

  • COBRA, FSA, HRA, and HSA Administration

  • Policyholder Support

  • Billing and Remittance

  • Commission Support

  • Utilization, Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), and Stop-Loss Review

  • Traditional and Alternative Network Options

  • Custom Benefit Solutions

  • Multiple Product Lines

    • Health Insurance: Level and Self-Funded Solutions

    • Alternative Plan Strategies

    • Limited Medical

    • Life

    • Disability

    • Ancillary Products

      • Accident

      • Cancer

      • Critical Illness

    • Non-Insurance Benefits Menu

      • Concierge Health, available in Nebraska

      • Direct Primary Care, available outside of Nebraska

      • Telemedicine

      • Medical Tourism

      • Tax, Legal, and ID Theft

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