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Our expertise enables your success!
Plug & Play for financial advisors
No experience? No problem!
Let us show you how to leverage your current relationships into better prospects and significantly more income.
Our expertise, technology, service and strategic insurance carrier relationships will help separate you from your competition.


Balance and Precision

Group Health & Ancillary- If your clients keep doing what they have always done, they will keep getting the same results they have always gotten.


Purpose Driven

The purpose of workplace solutions is to help employers mitigate rising healthcare costs and improve employee benefits, health and overall well-being.

Our custom-built solutions are designed to complement whatever benefit plans are offered by the employer.

Affinity Groups & Associations

An affinity group is a group of people or organizations who have a shared interest or goal.

An association is a group of individuals who are dues paying members of an organization who have a common profession, business affiliation, or interest.

Having innovative value added benefits is imperative to growth, engagement, and retention of affinity group & association members.

The Ark group offers custom insurance & non-insurance solutions for these types of organizations.



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