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Health Insurance

The health insurance market continues to change significantly from year to year, and as all good marketers know, with change comes opportunity.

Clients need good advisors to help them navigate this complex, dynamic, and critically important market, and good advisors need the support and experience of The Ark Group. Our team stays  on top of the health insurance market, the regulations, the nuances, and the ever-changing products.
We believe strongly that abundant opportunity lies in the group and individual health market. But to take full advantage of that opportunity, we need to start thinking differently about health insurance and health care itself – what they are, what they do, and how much they should cost. And coming soon, a division of The Ark Group will offer our partner advisors access to a health care solution that offers one-of-a-kind support to you as an advisor through a unique narrow- network solution for health insurance clients that is truly market driven.

Advisors can count on us to provide the training and sales support advisors need to serve their clients’ health insurance needs, whether in the individual or group market.

Health Insurance Offerings

  • Short-Term Health Insurance

  • Medical Cost Sharing

  • Limited Medical

  • Level and Self-Funded Plans

  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and MVP Solutions

  • Custom Benefit Plans

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