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Advanced Markets Services

Advisors active in the Advanced Markets understand the critical importance of understanding the unique needs of their prospects and clients. Typically, success in the advanced markets − whether for individuals or businesses − requires the advisor to be more of an educator than a traditional salesperson.
Our experienced and innovative team at The Ark Group understand the nuances of Advanced Markets and will be the partner who assists you in developing the approach, uncovering the needs, analyzing the risks, educating your prospect, and developing the recommendations that fit your prospect’s unique Advanced Planning situation.
There is no other area of this business where integrity, detail, precision, and accuracy are so important. At The Ark Group, we understand that and will assist you in helping your prospects and clients effectively and efficiently maximize their dollars.
The Ark Group provides you with the systems, processes, and skills to handle the following Advanced Markets with the excellence of a seasoned pro.

For Individuals

Financial Planning

  • Debt Elimination with the Family Bank Concept

  • Policy Review Audits

  • College Planning (coming soon!)

  • Social Security Planning (coming soon!)

  • Tax Prep (coming soon!)

Estate Planning

  • Wills and Trusts

  • Charitable Planning

  • Private Foundation Planning

  • Legacy Planning

  • Premium Finance

For Businesses

Financial Planning

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Business Continuation and Exit Planning

  • Pension Planning

  • Captive Risk Solutions

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